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Strong partnership with AgPlus Diagnostics

Together with the English company AgPlus we develop point-of-care applications for the measurements of our various biomarkers in blood and other biological fluids. The focus is presently on the development of a rapid and sensitive assay for HNL in wholc blood after activation. This application should mimic what we have achieved previously in the test tube and provide us with the results of HNL within 10-15 minutes from a finger-stick. Thus, a powerful diagnostic platform .

HNL Dimer in AKI, a valuable tool in outcome prediction of COVID-19

Plasma measurement of the dimeric, neutrophil specific form of HNL shows promise in outcome prediction of Sars-CoV-2 infections, but also clearly identifies neutrophils as major players in the development of severe acute kidney injury (HNL Dimer and AKI).

Serum measurements of HNL is superior to contemporary biomarkers such as CRP and blood neutrophil counts for the distinction between acute infections caused by bacteria or virus, but requires strict handling of the blood.

This was shown very convincingly in a report published in the May issue, 2016, of Journal of Immunological Methods

The report supports many earlier studies on serum measurements of HNL by means of radioimmunoassays. However, this report extends these findings and shows that assays configured with unique antibodies make the distinction even more powerful. We sell this ELISA under the name ”HNL bact”.

November 2016 the Chinese FDA approved our HNL assay for serum measurements of HNL and from October 1, 2018 the assay has been approved for sales in the first Chinese province and with expected approval in all other Chinese provinces during the years to come

HNL assay is marketed on the Chinese market by our joint-venture company in Suzhou ”Future Medical Diagnostics Co. Ltd.”