ECP (eosinophil cationic protein)

ECP is a very basic protein that is stored in and secreted from human eosinophil granulocytes. ECP is a multifunctional protein of which the cytotoxic activity may be the most conspicous. ECP belongs to the family of RNases and is also called RNase 3. ECP may be measured in blood and other body fluids as a reflection of the turnover and activity of the eosinophil population. Small amounts of ECP may be found in neutrophil granulocytes. We provide you with the tools necessary to study the biology of ECP.

The mouse monoclonal antibody EG2 of the IgG1-type is suitable for the identification of ECP in tissues by
immunocytochemistry. (available)

The ECP protein is provided in several forms:

  1. Native ECP purified from the granules of healthy subjects (available)
  2. Recombinant, cytotoxic ECP produced by insect cells (available)
  3. Recombinant, non-cytotoxic ECP produced by insect cells (available)

The ELISA assay for the measurement of ECP in various body fluids is produced in two formats:

  1. An ECP assay that measures all forms of ECP
  2. An ECP assay that preferentially measures the cytotoxic forms of ECP