Product sheet rECP arg97

Product Name: rECP arg97 (recombinant eosinophil cationic protein with arginine at position 97)
Catalog #: rECParg97
Lot #:
Purity: > 98% pure by SDS-PAGE
Source: Insect cells
Concentration: 50 µg per vial
Contaminants: None detected by SDS-PAGE.
Specific Activity: In some cell systems this protein has been shown to be cytotoxic
Form: Lyophilized – salt free ; Reconstitute with 50 mM NaAcetate, pH 5.5 with 150 mM NaCl.
Biohazard: n/a
Storage: -20°C
Remarks: n/a
Unit: 50 µg
Price: 6500 SEK (ca 600 Euro)