MPO is mainly stored in and secreted from the primary granules of human neutrophil granulocytes. However, also monocytes store substantial amounts of MPO. The main biological activity of MPO is that of a peroxidase by which activity the protein participates in microbial defence reactions. Recent studies have associated MPO with the process of atherosclerosis because of its capacity to oxidize LDL.

We provide you with all the necessary tools to study the biology of MPO in human disease.

  • The mouse monoclonal antibody against MPO mab 722 of the IgG1-type is suitable for the identification of MPO in tissues by immunocytochemistry (available). We can also provide you with several other monoclonal antibodies against MPO with different epitope specificities and which may be used for the development of immunoassays of MPO or for Western blotting.
  • We also have available a specific rabbit polyclonal antibody
  • Native MPO was purified from the granules of neutrophil granulocytes of healthy blood donors (available)
  • An ELISA assay for the measurement MPO in various body fluids (available)